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Still uncertain who to vote for on June 8? Five reasons to vote Labour


You’re sat on fence ‘undecided’. When you stand in the ballot box on June 8, do you opt for the Tories and their detrimental assault on doctors, the disabled, the painfully patronisingly termed ‘JAMS’ – just about managings. Do you choose a government that will deny our school children a decent daily meal, a government that plans to scrap human rights, in favour of a weakened set of rights that compromise the protection and freedom of expression we have become used to?

Or do you place your cross next to Labour, a party that will protect our future for generations to come? Will safeguard our homes, our NHS, our jobs, our children’s education and improve our living standards and economy.

If you’re still struggling to make one of the most important decisions of your life, the following five reasons to vote Labour might help you decide:

  • Decent education for ALL children

Labour will stop the Tories’ cuts to education. Labour will keep class sizes to under 30 and ensure young school children have a nutritious daily meal. Labour will trash the Tories plans for elitist grammar schools and make education fair for all our children.

  • Protect our NHS

Labour will protect our NHS. Our precious nurses will no longer have to rely on foodbanks to eat. Labour will stop the cuts to A&E and the pay of our heroic NHS staff.

  • Give people a chance to a better home

Labour will build one million new homes, both council and private, during the next five years. Labour will make renting more affordable so less people are forced into the humiliation of sleeping on our streets.

  • Obliterate unfair working conditions

Labour will wipe out insecure zero hours contracts. Labour will introduce a £10 an hour minimum wage to help raise living standards and reduce poverty.

  • Fix our broken economy

Under the Tories, living standards in Britain have significantly slumped. By fighting poverty, creating education that is free and fair for all and ending our current low skill economy, Labour will build our broken economy, creating a society that works for the many and not just the few.

Never has your vote mattered so much than in this general election.

Vote Labour on June 8.